Do you want to develop an idea that will help your community and be a sustainable business? Or maybe you are already a social enterprise. Join us, for free, and benefit from networking, training, and funding opportunities.

SBSEC has identified that since the beginning of COVID it has received an increase of 68% enquiries to set up social enterprises, the majority of which have been from women. Often these people are perfectly placed to see what a solution to a problem might be, and how a social enterprise could be the perfect vehicle. However, they often have little to no business experience and don’t understand the key basics to setting up and developing a robust and sustainable business. Our ethos is to ensure that everybody who engages us with an idea, gets support for that idea no matter how early stage or what skills and experience they bring.  

Membership is open to all people who want to start and develop a social enterprise.

We currently have over 450 social enterprise members, each of which contributes a huge amount to the social fabric of the Scottish Borders and brings an income of £6m per year to the area. We support everyone who comes to us, no matter how small or big an idea you have. We will work with you to help make that idea happen.

We can provide support with your

  • legal structure
  • business plan
  • funding
  • mentoring
  • networking
  • training 

Becoming a member is free. If you’d like to join, please contact us at

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