Becoming a social enterprise is an inspiring and sustainable way to lead change in your community. We also know that it is hard work, so we are here to help you by advocating on your behalf to make life easier for you to change the world.

SBSEC leads the Sustainable Procurement Group with our public sector partners, and is something that we would like all of our members to engage with. Sustainable procurement is the process of making purchas­ing decisions that meet an organisation’s needs for goods and services in a way that benefits not only the organisation but society as a whole, while minimizing its impact on the environment. We are developing ways for members to collectively purchase as well as supporting members to collaborate in tendering processes.

Workforce Mobility. What we mean by workforce mobility is developing career pathways for people so that they can gain, develop experience and navigate their own careers as they progress. We work with our members to employ young people, and also work with public sector partners to join the dots and develop manageable career pathways that help both the organisation and the people that work for them.

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